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HP EliteBook 820 G1 Small Business Laptop Review

HP's latest small business laptop favors substance over style. It may not be flashy, but it gets the job done.

A Powerful Multifunction Printer for Small Business

We review HP's LaserJet Enterprise Color Flow MFP M575c, a heavy-duty workhorse designed for small- to medium-sized businesses with big print and scan queues.

Brother Business Smart MFP: Big Features, Small Package

Brother's new Business Smart Series All-in-One inkjet printer features an innovative blend of form and function. It's definitely different. But does that make it better?

Epson WorkForce 845 Color Inkjet Multifunction Printer Review

The Epson WorkForce 845 multifunction printer promises fast output speeds and advanced networking features all at a modest price aimed at the home office/small office crowd.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus Multifunction Printer Review

For a small business on a budget, cheapest is not always best. The new HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus multifunction printer makes a case for spending a little more to get a lot more.

The Fall Lineup of Small Business Printers

Autumn's new crop of small business printers focus on mobile and cloud-based printing. We look at a selection of business printers and what they can do for your productivity.

Small Business Networking: What You Need to Know About IPv6

If you don’t know about IPv6, it's time to read this article. The new system of IP addressing will affect small business networks -- even yours.

Review: HP CM1415fnw Color Laser Multifunction Printer

This solid, light-duty color laser multifunction printer offers impressive Internet integration that lets small businesses print from anywhere.

Wireless Networking Advice for Small Business

Our resident Wi-Fi expert answers questions and offers his take on wireless networks for home and small business. This month: Linksys router firmware and public hotspot configuration.

How to Share Your Wi-Fi Connection

Plus, we discuss traffic monitoring and the difference between WRT and DD-WRT.

Scanner Review: Epson Perfection V500 Office Color

Stand-alone scanners still have a place in the office, despite the onslaught of all-in-one printers. Epson’s V500 provides all the proof you need.

Lock Down Your Wi-Fi Router

Aaron Weiss discusses securing a Wi-Fi router on a wired network, plus more networking fun with DHCP, DD-WRT and Tomato.

Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: August Edition

This month, Guru uses different scenarios to look at the common issues of extending and bridging Wi-Fi connections.

A Guide to Buying a Wireless Router

Wi-Fi maven Aaron Weiss tells you everything you need to know to buy a wireless router for your home office.

Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: July Edition

Need help with your small or home office Wi-Fi? In this month’s installment, he ponders several wireless network mysteries and asks for help with a particularly challenging puzzle.

Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: June Edition

This month we answer questions related to bridging with open source firmware, such as DD-WRT and Tomato, as well as questions about boosting throughput for older routers and clients.

Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: May Edition

This month, the Wi-Fi Guru talks about signal boosters, dealing with foliage-based interference (ah, spring!), and resolving basic connection problems.

Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: April Edition

The Wi-Fi Guru covers a wide variety of Wi-Fi networking issues, including range boosters and why Macs and PCs sometimes can't get along--and asks for readers' help in solving them.

Review: Lexmark X7675 All-in-One Inkjet Printer

You don’t often find wireless networking, a high-quality scanner and automatic print duplexing in a printer at this price. But wait…there’s more.

Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: March Edition

This month, the Wi-Fi Guru discusses wireless bridges, Hi-Def home networking over 802.11n and some DD-WRT issues.

Review: HP CM2320n Color Laser Multifunction Printer

A sturdy build, impressive speed and vibrant color makes the CM2320n ready for business.

Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: The February Edition

This month, the Guru shows you how to love your router--and also answers questions about daisy chaining, DD-WRT, signal boosting and remote administration access.

Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: January Edition

This month, the Wi-Fi Guru covers sharing cellular (on a tugboat no less), best methods for roaming between clients, and he offers a tip for Mac users.

Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: December Edition

In the December 2008 installment of our monthly Q&A series, the Wi-Fi Guru addresses range extension in a variety of deployment scenarios.

Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: November Edition

This month, the Wi-Fi Guru covers SSIDs, OpenWRT and cordless phone interference to help a college student, an entrepreneur and a home user with their Wi-Fi dilemmas.

Review: Xerox Phaser 3300MFP Laser MFP

This all-in-one laser printer from Xerox is a quick, monochrome workhorse suited for small-to-mid-sized companies with moderately demanding print needs.

Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: October Edition

The Wi-Fi Guru tackles Bluetooth blocking (although he's not sure why), WLANs for WISP subscribers, iPhone tricks and, of course, DD-WRT on a WRT54G. Got all that?

Six Reasons Why Linux Is Right for Small Business

We compare the top Linux options for small businesses — the majority involve one of these six popular open source platforms.

Ask the Wi-Fi Guru

Aaron Weiss, courtesy of our sister-site Wi-FiPlanet, helps readers solve issues involving the placement, configuration and compatibility of multiple routers in one household.

Ask the Wi-Fi Guru

Aaron Weiss, courtesy of sister site Wi-FiPlanet, answers reader questions about networking Xboxes, the dangers of RF signals, broadcasting SSIDs and mysterious connectivity issues.

Review: Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 8

The name is the most complicated aspect of this powerful desktop backup and recovery software.

Review: Buffalo LinkStation Mini

Buffalo's network attached storage drive packs big capacity into a tiny package.

Review: HP CM1312nfi Color Laser Multi-Function Printer

HP's budget-minded MFP makes a great office mate for anyone in need of a light-duty, high-quality color laser printer that can also scan, copy and fax.

Color Laser Printer Review: Samsung CLP-660ND

A solid choice for small business, this laser printer offers well-designed form, function and vibrant color at a sub-$800 price.

Open Source Applications for Small Business

If the cost of Windows software is stretching your already-thin budget, you'll be happy to learn about the variety of open-source software applications that won't cost you a cent. We run through the alternatives.

Safely Share Your Wireless Access

Thinking of sharing your home (or small business) WLAN? Aimed at first-timers, this thorough primer on Wi-Fi basics explains security, routers, the various flavors of 802.11 and other essentials.

The Year in Linux-on-the-Desktop

Running Linux as your desktop operating system has come a long way from the days when you practically needed an IT degree. But where does the free, or nearly free, software stand with small business today?

Review: Other World Computing NASPerform

The NASPerform is a twist on both the direct-connect and NAS style of external disk. The storage device uses a technology called network direct attached storage to combine the best of both worlds.

Review: Xerox Phaser 3200MFP

This multi-function laser printer offers reliable utility in a compact package that's priced right for small businesses that don't bear a heavy print load.

Driving Two Terabytes of Storage

The amount of data this external storage drive can hold would bury any desk you set it on, and then some. Buy it for capacity, buy it for speed, but don't buy it for backup.

Can You Hear Me Now? Unify Your Communications

The good news is that today you have multiple ways to communicate with your customers. The challenge is managing them all. To help your customers best reach you when they need you, we look at the many unified communications options available to SMBs.

QuickBooks and Linux: A Server Story

Intuit takes an important, if incomplete, step by making QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions available on the server side. We sort out what you need to know.

Doing Business With Open Source

Open source software may once have been the purview of the super geeky, but now more and more of these free or lower-cost applications are popping up in small businesses. We take you through a selection of software that might help you boost the bottom line.

EV-DO: Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess

Testing the laptop 3G capabilities of one of America's biggest mobile operators reveals the good, the bad and the ugly.

OKI Data's Multi-tasking MFP

Small biz owners looking for a reliable, all-in-one office machine would do well to take a close look at the Oki Data B4545.

Google Mini, The Third

The third iteration of Google's popular search engine for small businesses adds two features previously available only in its pricier cousin, Google Search Appliance.

Static DHCP Offers Consistent Remote Access

Open source router firmware such as DD-WRT does things the factory-installed stuff never offers. For example, you can give a computer the same IP address every time so you'll always have remote access.

Go Beyond Entry-Level NAS in a Snap

Adaptec's SnapServer offers more than just lots of storage, it also provides security, data integrity and interoperability with different kinds of computer systems.

Review: Steganos Safe 2007

This easy-to-use suite lets you create and manage encrypted storage on your PC, migrate protected data among PCs and permanently shred data to defend against unwanted recovery.

Tough Technology, Brawny Price

Panasonic's Toughbook knows how to take a beating without dropping data. Of course, that kind of reliability doesn't come cheap.

The State of Small Business Desktops

Ready to go shopping? We look at the terms and technology behind today's desktop PCs so you can make the best purchase for your small business needs.

Server Quality, Desktop Price

If your small business has been limping along with a desktop (barely) handling server duty, consider trading up to IBM's new entry-level server. This deal offers a lot of meat for not much money.

Review: Buffalo Technology LinkStation Pro

The LinkStation Pro Shared Network Storage appliance enhances earlier versions of the storage product with increased maximum speed, thanks to its SATA hard drive and gigabit networking. It's also quiet and cool.

Creating a Wireless Network — Part 3

You wireless network is set up, but what if it seems too slow or unreliable? In the conclusion to our series we look at common factors that can undermine your wireless network and how you might be able to improve its performance.

Microsoft Serves Up Easier Management

Automated updates, expanded e-mail storage, more flexible Client Access Licenses and lots of wizards make Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 software easier to manage than its predecessor.

Creating a Wireless Network — Part 2

Once you've got all your gear lined up, it's time to bring your wireless network to life. Part 2 of our three-part series steps you through what you need to know to configure your network easily and securely.

Creating a Wireless Network — Part 1

Choosing the right yechnology for a wireless network can be overwhelming. In Part 1 of our three-part series on setting up a Wi-Fi network, we help you assess your needs and pick the right equipment.

IBM Serves Small Business

Big Blue's x3400 server features dual-core Xeon processors, a lot of internal expansion room and a price that's right for small business.

Search Yourself: A Review of the Google Mini

Google Mini, the offspring of the 800-pound search gorilla, lets small businesses provide Internet and intranet search capability to their customers and employees. We take a look at what this 200-pound gorilla can do.

Are You Threatening Me?

D-Link's unified threat management security appliance packs a huge number of features into one box. However, it also packs a huge price once you add all the upgrades and subscription fees. Is it too much for a good thing?

Do It Yourself: Roll Your Own Network Cables

This one begs the question: Why assemble your own Ethernet cables? Maybe you need custom lengths of cable. After all, coiling a 25-foot cable when you need only two feet is overkill, not to mention a decorating don't. You won't do it everyday, but having the supplies and know-how to whip up a cable on the spot comes in handy.

Take Skype in Hand

USRobotics lets Skype customers go from headset to handset with its new USB Internet phone.

A Fast, Vast Wireless Expanse

ZyXel combines faster speed and a wider broadcast range with a wireless router and comprehensive network management features.

Windows Mobile 5: An OS for All Devices

Microsoft's latest operating system supports the three major types of handhelds – Smartphones, Pocket PCs and Pocket PC Phones. What else does Mobile 5 offer workers who are on the run?

Windows Wireless Zero Configuration: Five Steps to Sanity

Windows wants to help you get on a Wi-Fi network, but many times, it just gets in the way. Here's how to work around, if not bypass, XP's WLAN connection software.

Roundup: Remote Possibilities

In our increasingly mobile world, why let a little something like physical location get between you and your home or office computer?

Business Projections

Portable projectors let your small business make a big impression in the office or on the road — for less than you might think.

A Linux OS Even Small Business Can Love

It runs Windows applications, navigates Windows-based networks in a single bound and costs less than that Microsoft OS. Is it right for you?

Dual-Core for Everyone?

One day all computers will be based dual-core processors. However, that day isn't here yet. If you're in the market for new PCs for your business, here's some info to help you decide whether the time is right to dive into dual core.

ShareIT Offers a Safe (and Affordable) Path to FTP

With a starting price just under $200, ShareIt FTP server is a bit modest on the feature side, but the software gets the basics right, is simple to administer, integrates with Windows user databases, and provides strong security.

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