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By Joseph Moran
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Umbrella Mobility: Statistics and Reports

To help you keep tabs on what Umbrella Mobility is up to, the service's Dashboard shows a tally of how many instances of malware and botnet activity occurred in the last 24 hours and plots an hour-by-hour historical graph of DNS request volume for the same period. It also displays the top 10 most requested domains, and which 10 devices generated the most requests.

Umbrella Mobility dashboard

Figure 3: When you log into the dashboard, Umbrella Mobility displays network status including and malware and botnet activity, historical volume of DNS requests, and most requested domains.

With Umbrella Mobility's reporting feature, you can get more detailed information, drill down into specific requests, filter by identity or domain name, and view data going back a week or more. You can also export reports, but only to CSV format (PDF would be nice, too.)

Pricing, Trial, and Packages

So what does all this mobile security cost? On its website, OpenDNS quotes a price for Umbrella Mobility of $25 per user per year. That's an attractive price to be sure, but it's important to note that this price is for 100 users.

OpenDNS doesn't make pricing information for fewer than 100 users readily available (it would prefer you obtain a quote from a sales representative), but by initiating the purchase process we determined that the $25 rate also applies in quantities of 50-99 users. The price then goes north to:

  • $30 per person per year for 40-49 users
  • $35 per person per year for 30-39 users
  • $37.50 per person per year for 11-29 users
  • $50 per person per year for 1-10 users


It's also worth noting that since Umbrella licenses users and not individual devices, a single license covers both an employee's laptop and smartphone or tablet.

In addition to Umbrella Mobility, there are three other Umbrella packages available. Umbrella Enterprise applies the same anti-malware and content control to corporate networks—but not mobile devices—for $20 user/year.

Umbrella Insights, at $25 user/year, adds Active Directory integration. Umbrella Everywhere combines the features of Mobility, Enterprise, and Insights for $40 user/year. (Again, all quoted prices are for 100 users.)

If you want to take Umbrella for a spin before you buy, OpenDNS offers a 14-day trial, but you can't just sign up and get rolling with it. Access to the trial requires initiating contact with a sales representative.

Umbrella Mobility policy categories

Figure 4: You can configure policies broadly to block different content types, or you can choose from 59 individual categories. 

One final caveat: don't think of Umbrella Mobility as a replacement for traditional anti-virus software, because it doesn't scan files against a signature database of known malware the way AV software does. Plus, malware can make its way to a device in ways that have nothing to do with DNS, such as via removable drives or email attachments. That said, when you set up Umbrella Mobility on the front line, chances are your AV software will have a lot less work to do. 

  • Price: $25 per user per year (for 100 users)
  • Pros: Easy to set up and administer; flexible, granular content and security policies; attractive pricing (particularly for 50+ users)
  • Cons: No support for Android devices (yet); not a substitute for traditional anti-virus software


Joseph Moran is a veteran technology writer and co-author of Getting StartED with Windows 7, from Friends of ED.

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This article was originally published on June 13, 2013
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