5 BYOD Assumptions for Small Business

By Paul Mah
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You know the old Oscar Wilde quote about making assumptions, right? Well, sometimes assumptions are good and, in fact, necessary. In the case of BYOD (bring your own device) for example, the people responsible for small business IT would do well to operate on the five basic assumptions that Paul Mah outlines in this article on our sister site, ITBE.com.

I've written a couple of blogs about BYOD (bring your own device) recently, highlighting how its proliferation means that SMBs must work to secure such hardware inside their networks, as well as offering a trio of basic BYOD-related policies that SMB may want to adopt.

It is in that vein that Scott Ashdown, director of products and solutions, Imation Mobile Security, shared five assumptions that SMB IT departments should keep in mind when it comes to BYOD. I highlight them below.

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This article was originally published on July 03, 2012
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