Simplifying Small Business Sales and Marketing

By Laurie McCabe
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What are two of the biggest challenges for just about any small business? Making sense out of marketing efforts and building the relationships that can turn into sales. We don’t know if "there's an app for that" or not, but business analyst Laurie McCabe takes a look at two small business software resources that address these very issues.

The first, Yahoo Marketing Dashboard, is designed to tame and organize the bewildering array of marketing options and help you see whether your efforts are on target or not. The second, InsideView, takes advantage of "social selling" to help your sales team spend less time researching and more time building relationships that convert to sales.

Online Marketing and Sales Tools for Small Business

While it’s tempting to paint the "SMB market" with one broad-brush stroke, the term actually represents very fragmented terrain. You can slice and dice it many ways–by company size, industry, degree of technology savvy, type of customers the business sells to, and more–and end up with a dizzying array of "SMB" combinations and permutations.

With that in mind, this edition of Tech Tidbits features a couple of interesting digital marketing solutions that reflect this diversity–and maybe one of them can help your company. If you use or try any of these, please let me know about your experience and outcomes!

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This article was originally published on May 23, 2012
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