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By Pam Baker
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More Small Business Marketing Strategies

8. Use online services to re-target lost sales and to list products

Steven Bessellieu, vice president of operations at BackInStyle.com, a small online fashion boutique, offers this small business marketing advice: use services offered from specialty marketing sites.

For example, at Lexity.com, you can choose apps to get your business noticed according to your own specific needs. "Lexity manages 'apps' for your online shopping cart," says Bessellieu. "Apps can list your products on Google, TheFind, Shop.com, and Facebook, as well as manage your adwords campaigns, and even put incentives on your site to Like, Follow, +1, or subscribe to your newsletter.

Lexity is a free service that's very easy to manage, says Bessellieu. "The apps cost between $19 and $399 a month and they're backed with a large, attentive support staff."

9. Use Facebook's sponsored stories

"Ever since Facebook changed its EdgeRank to allow only about 10 percent of your page's followers to see your posts, using sponsored stories has become more and more important," says Jayme Pretzloff, the online marketing director for Wixon Jewelers, a high-end, luxury jewelry and watch store in Minneapolis.

"Sponsored stories let you show your post to a larger audience than you would if you did a regular post," says Pretzloff. "We have seen huge spikes in engagement with our fans by using promoted posts."

This marketing strategy offers more than direct sales, he says; it's also a powerful tool to increase awareness and word of mouth advertising. "Facebook can be a powerful advertising tool if used correctly," Pretzloff says. "Try out some ads, test them, and then figure out what works for your organization.

And no, it doesn't have to be expensive. Pretzloff recommends allocating $50 to test the marketing vehicle and to start out spending between $5 and $10 a day. "I think you'll be pleased with the results and ROI of your $50."

10. Use online services to get the media's attention

Every news story that features you or your company amounts to free publicity. You can sign up for free at HelpaReporterOut.com (HARO) and answer source queries posted by reporters from top publications there. The service emails you with a list of reporter questions several times a day making it easy for you to spot opportunities.

You can also get the word out to media through a variety of inexpensive online services such as PRWeb.com. "PRWeb is an excellent resource for publicity and improving brand awareness," says Bessellieu. "A basic press release costs only $99, and we plan on releasing all the latest company news, sales, milestones, etc. once every quarter."

Not every marketing tactic listed above will work well for every company, but a combination of several of them—or adaptations to any of them—should be helpful to just about any company.

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This article was originally published on May 20, 2013
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