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By Pam Baker
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More Affordable Small Business Marketing Tips

4. List your company on Google Maps/Local

"A company presence on Google Maps/Local is as extremely important, and it's completely free," says David Hudson, managing director at EasyClear, a family run house clearance business in London.  

 When it comes to small business marketing, Google Maps/Local presence is important for many reasons, he says. It directs customers to your establishment when they are in the area, and your business typically appears higher in Google search rankings. "Finally, because customers can review the company and leave comments, it is also a tool to evaluate the efforts we made, and it helps us to understand customers better."

5. Search forums for customers

Mark Rushworth, head of Search at Blue Logic Web, an IT support and network solutions company, recommends using forum search services such as BoardReader.com, BoardTracker.com and Omgili.com. "They let you search for individuals who are interested in your products and services and respond in kind," says Rushworth. "One other tip—don't sell online: offer a solution and make sure you're replying to new or recent topics only."

6. Share information all over the Web

"The most inexpensive way to promote small companies nowadays is to share what you do and what you love," says Tomasz Smykowski, CEO at Websoul, a small social media marketing agency in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

"You have a new project completed? Write about it—on a blog, on Twitter, on Facebook or on whatever. You took a new great photo? Post it. You are reading articles about your job to get better at what you do? Recommend them to others on the Internet. Have you found out something new and surprising for you and for your clients? Write about it and post it publicly."

While Smykowski says he knows it sounds crazy and fruitless, he insists that the opposite is true. "It will help you become better at what you do, and it will inspire and help people find you and your company," he said.

According to Smykowski, he used this strategy for years when he first started a career as a software developer. "I got many clients without spending a single penny on ads. Moreover, all my contacts were strong and long lasting, which is better than any I could get through cold calling."

7. Use content curation to drive interest in your products

"My favorite inexpensive marketing strategy is content curation," says Robert Melton, founder of Funtober, an ecommerce company that sells Halloween costumes.

"We're currently compiling information about every Oktoberfest, corn maze, pumpkin patch, fall festival, haunted house, and ghost tour in the U.S.," says Melton. "People are looking for the information. It only costs our time to put them together and hundreds of thousands of people come to our website looking for the information in the fall."

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This article was originally published on May 20, 2013
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