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The SmallBusinessComputing eBook Library brings together the best in technical information, ideas, and coverage of important IT trends to help technology professionals build their knowledge and shape the future of their IT organizations. The eBooks cover a broad range of topics and represent the diverse challenges that present themselves to IT managers.

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Is your business an energy sap? Learn how to save money by making your data center run more efficiently. Download this eBook for practical advice on reducing your energy bill for your data center. Read more.


Are you considering Big Data for your business? If you are, know what to expect when implementing Big Data and how it can work for you. Download our eBook today to see if your company can benefit from Big Data. Download now

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Exploring the Private Cloud for Your Organization

Is the private cloud right for you? While the private cloud can save your business money by reducing pricey software installs without compromising security, you want to make sure it fits into your overall business plan and infrastructure. Download this eBook now to find the right cloud solution for your business.

Exploring the Future of Business Intelligence Applications

Companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from anticipating the future with appropriate data and apps. Business intelligence applications can help you to just that. Explore the different ways BI apps can help you understand your business at the present and anticipate the future with this free eBook from

Lessons Learned From Cloud Adoption

Many organizations have adopted the cloud. Read about their cloud solutions and skip the guessing game with this free eBook.


Understanding Data Governance and Its Roles in Your Business

Not having data governance can hurt your business. Download this eBook to learn how to take control of your data and protect your business now.

Understanding the Importance of Endpoint Management

Do you know where your data is? With a lot of business going mobile, it's hard to know where your proprietary data might end up. Download our eBook to learn how to protect your business with endpoint management.

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