Data Security 101 For SMBs

Posted September 23, 2010
ITBusinessEdge: Data Security 101 For SMBs

Do you have antivirus and malware software installed and working on all your computers? Do you have encryption activated on your Wi-Fi network? Paul Mah takes you through all the basic data/network security precautions.

"Just started work at an SMB? Or perhaps you are heading out on your second interview for the position of IT manager, and will have the opportunity ask some questions of your own. To help you develop a good feel of the challenges ahead – or perhaps to better appreciate the state of security in your current organization, feel free to do a quick run-through of the security health checklist below to see how you fare.

Check for the Presence and State of Antivirus Software Is antivirus software deployed? Is a uniform application suite deployed, or does it consist of a smorgasbord of 90-days evaluation copies together with those purchased off-the-shelf at various times of the year? Are the definitions up to date? Additional clues on the level of seriousness pertaining to security can be determined by how they are deployed. Are they stand-alone consumer-level deployments, or is a central server used to track the health of individual machines and push the requisite updates to them?"

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