Choosing A Mobile Computer: Netbook Or Notebook

Posted May 19, 2010
Entrepreneur: Choosing A Mobile Computer: Netbook Or Notebook

Despite falling prices and a supposedly 'commoditized' market, choosing a new portable computer is more difficult than ever. Which makes more sense for your small business - netbook or full-size laptop?

"Buying computers can be a trying experience for any small business. And it's not the prices that make it so difficult; those have come down considerably over the years. No, the problem is the explosion of choices that are available today, any one of which can turn the purchasing process into a torturous journey into techno-jargon and self-examination: Is our company mobile enough to buy laptops? Are we hip enough for Macs? What exactly is 2GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 800MHz, and will it be enough?

Well, I'm sorry to say that these decisions won't be getting easier any time soon. The personal computer industry, once thought to be consolidating and commoditizing, is now splintering into countless different product directions. There are phones that act like PCs, PCs that act like phones, and everything in between. And the latest entrant to further muddy these waters is the netbook, a thinner, lighter and cheaper version of the widely adopted laptop computer."

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