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The 5 Best Linux Servers for Small Business

With a wealth of great open source Linux servers to choose from, here are five top picks to help you zero in on the best choice for your small business.

Top 5 Open Source Alternatives to Microsoft Exchange

Choosing an open source messaging server can save you money and admin time without losing out on features. Take a look at what our favorite alternatives to Microsoft Exchange have to offer.

The Benefits of Enterprise Linux for Small Business

From on-premises servers to desktops to hosted cloud services, small businesses stand a lot to gain from Linux. We look at what the top Linux vendors have to offer.

5 Linux Laptops for Small Business

We look at five excellent Linux laptops that offer something for every small business—from tiny, tough, and affordable to powerhouse desktop replacements. Plus a commentary on Chromebooks.

Lenovo's SuperFish Security Gaffe: Trust No One

Lenovo exposed millions of customers to identity theft with adware called SuperFish. We look at what happened and offer ways and resources to protect your business.

6 of the Best Open Source Holiday Gifts for SMBs

Even more choices for your small business gifting needs. Check out our collection of unusual, useful, and fun open-source gadgets to enliven your holiday season.

5 Best Open Source Web Browser Security Apps

The Internet is as full of perils as ever. Check out these five open source Web browser security apps designed to protect small business security and privacy.

6 Simple Apps for Small Business

Why complicate your life with complicated apps? These simple, lightweight apps can help you get work done without a lot of fuss and bother.

A Private Cloud Server for Small Businesses

OwnCloud 7, the open source, user-friendly cloud server for small businesses, introduces a big batch of great improvements. We give them the once-over.

6 Data Backup Devices for Small Businesses

Whether you choose USB sticks, external hard drives or network storage devices, you can protect your small business data with these excellent, reliable and affordable backup devices.

25 Best Open Source Android Apps for Small Business

Here's your guide to 25 great open source Android apps for small business. Our list of apps spans productivity, Internet, and even games—because small business owners deserve a little down time.

Open Source Security & Privacy Apps for Small Business

Data security's been in the news a lot lately. We look at five great open source tools to help protect your data and privacy.

4 Affordable Digital Cameras for Small Business

Sorry, camera phones just don’t cut it for business. When you're ready to step up to a real camera, try one of these excellent digital cameras to enhance your small business images and videos.

Open Source 3D Printers for Small Business

What does the 3D printer revolution offer small business? From manufacturing and music to fashion and food, investing in 3D printers won’t cost much, and it offers a lot of possibilities.

Ruggedized Android Tablets and Handhelds for SMBs

Is your business tough on mobile devices? Ruggedized Android tablets and phones are designed to survive usage in the real world.

5 Open Source Digital Signs for Small Businesses

Linux and Android-powered digital signs lower cost and complexity while adding features and improved security. We look at five fabulous options.

Open Source Power for Small Business in 2014

In 2014, open source software offers small businesses more IT capabilities and services in the cloud.

The Small Business Guide to Modern Web Hosting

A $5 per month Web hosting special just won’t cut it for your small business. Here's what smart small business owners need to know about Web hosting.

The Small Biz Guide to Understanding Linux & Open Source

Linux and open source software are mainstream, you're already using them, and you need to make them part of your business strategy. We help explain what it all means.

How to Fix Photos with Free, Open Source Software

Why pay for Photoshop when you can fix and enhance your digital photographs with GIMP? The high-end, open source photo editor and graphics program won’t cost you a cent.

5 Open Source Security Tools for Small Business

Try these small business security tools to foil the NSA, hackers, and any other jerks who want to stick their unauthorized noses into your business.

Make Great Podcasts with Free Open Source Software

Podcasts are great promotional tools for small businesses and in this guide, we'll show you how to make top-quality podcasts without spending a ton of money.

5 Unusual Open Source Apps for Unusual Small Businesses

From writing music and shooting films to artful payment processing and running an Internet radio station, open source software helps even atypical small businesses get the job done.

5 Top Open Source Financial Apps for Small Business

Manage stock portfolios, track expenses with an Android smartphone, run payroll, and handle general accounting with these five quality open source financial apps for small business.

How to Delete Files with Open Source Software

Help protect your small business: sanitize hard drives before getting rid of old PCs, and securely delete files on your Windows and Linux computers with good, open source software.

5 Top Open Source Software Alternatives for Small Business

Stretch your budget and get your work done with this basic set of excellent free-of-cost open source software that every small business can use.

5 Best Open Source Video Editors for Small Business

You don’t have to spend a mint to produce high-quality training and promotional videos for your small business. Just use one of these open source video editing programs.

Small Business Trends: Linux & Open Source in 2013

2013 looks to be a very good year for small businesses that use Linux and open source software. They'll benefit from more advanced technologies for less money.

5 Top Linux Computer Vendors for Small Business

Where does a hardworking small business owner go to find good Linux computers? Find out right here.

3 Open-Source Point-of-Sale Systems for Small Business

Looking for a point-of-sale system for your small business? Check out these three best open-source POS systems that effortlessly scale from very small to very large.

Collabtive Project Management Software for Small Business

The free, open source Collabtive project management software offers the right blend of features and ease-of-use for your small business.

OwnCloud Makes Personal Cloud Easy & Affordable for SMBs

The free, open source OwnCloud personal cloud server makes setting up file sharing and shared calendaring as easy as falling over.

How to Build Loyalty with Social Media and Customer Service

We've got five ways that you can employ the dynamic duo -- social media and customer service -- to build a loyal following for your small business. No cape or tights required.

6 Ways to Make Your Small Business Website Earn Its Keep

Last month we talked about all the ways a small business website can go wrong. In this article, we'll tell how to make it go right.

10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Website Stinks

Your small business website is an important customer-relations and marketing tool. We look at 10 common customer-losing mistakes you need to avoid.

5 Best Linux Business Intelligence Suites

Smart business decisions come from good data and analysis, and these five Linux business intelligence suites tell you everything you need to know about what's happening inside your small business.

The 5 Best Linux Servers for Small Business

With a wealth of great open source Linux servers to choose from, here are five top picks to help you zero in on the best choice for your small business.

5 Best Open Source Firewalls

Protect one of your most valuable business assets -- your computer network -- with an open source firewall. We look at five of the best options out there.

5 Mobile Android Devices for Small Business

These open source mobile Android devices span the smartphone and tablet gamut and offer small business a variety of get-it-done features.

5 Tips for Managing Remote Workers Successfully

Remote workers and telecommuting can help small business save money and boost morale, and we've got five tips to help you set up a structure that benefits employees and management.

5 Best (and Easy) Open Source Website Builders

You don’t have to spend a fortune, or much at all, to build your own website. These five open source programs offer ease of use, flexibility and a low cost of entry.

5 Best Open Source Accounting Software for Small Business

Looking for an alternative to mainstream small business accounting software? We list the five best open source software programs -- and their features -- for small business accounting.

Boost Internet Speed with Faster DNS

Is your Internet too slow? Many factors affect network performance, and a slow domain name server is one of them. Here are three easy, free tools to test your name servers and find faster ones.

5 Best Online Backup Services for Small Businesses

We've got the lowdown on the best online data backup services for small business. Take a look and start your offsite backup today. You'll sleep a lot better tonight.

Improve Network Security with Open Source Monowall: Part 2

Part 2 of our series on Monowall, an open source firewall, focuses on using it to set up secure remote access.

Improve Network Security with Open Source Monowall

In part one of this two-part series, we review how to set up strong network security with Monowall, an open source firewall.

6 Even Better Open Source Graphics Programs

Open source graphics programs offer affordable alternatives to commercially available software; we recently looked at five. Now Carla Schroder adds her six picks to help SMBs get the picture.

Top 5 Open Source Alternatives to Microsoft Exchange

Choosing an open source messaging server can save you money and admin time without losing out on features. Take a look at what our favorite alternatives to Microsoft Exchange have to offer.

Compressed Air Keeps It Clean: A Small Business Tech Tip

Looking for an economical, ecological way to help your computers avoid overheating? We've got a fresh look at compressed air that'll blow a refreshing breeze through your entire office.

Should Small Business IT Techs Support Linux?

Our resident Linux expert, not known for holding back, says if your IT support team doesn't have Linux skills, they're perpetrating IT malpractice.

Building a Linux Small-Business Server

Linux has all the power and flexibility you need, both for servers and networking devices. Carla Schroder shows you how to select hardware, software, and not spend money unnecessarily on pricey commercial software.

VoIPowering Your Office: Do I Really Need this VoIP Stuff?

The best phone system for your business is the one you've thought about carefully.

VoIPowering Your Office: Waiting For Videophones

Video telephony—an application we've been anticipating for decades—is now available for free over IP connections.

Webcams in Linux, Part 1

Webcams are everywhere these days and decent standalone USB Webcams cost less than $40. In this two-part series we'll set up a Webcam on Linux, and then use it to perform a number of amazing and fun tasks.

Fonality Partners with Dell for Turnkey VoIP

Customized hardware/software communication bundle will support businesses with as many as 150 phones.

VoIPowering Your Office with Asterisk: SOHO VoIP, Part 4

Voice-mail is an essential piece of any business phone system. In this installment, we master the basics of Asterisk voice-mail.

Build It Yourself: A Linux Network Appliance, Part 6

Once your firewall is protecting your Linux appliance, you need to poke a few holes in it to allow visitors access to network services.

VoIPowering Your Office with Asterisk: SOHO VoIP, Part 3

In which we examine the delicate matter of configuring calls to the outside while keeping outsiders from hijacking your system.

VoIPowering Your Office with Asterisk: SOHO VoIP, Part 2

In this installment, we complete configuration of the phone interface card, register users and phones, and set up incoming calls.

Build It Yourself: A Linux Network Appliance, Part 5

In the latest installment, we take a quick tour of Webmin and set up an iptables Internet-connection sharing firewall.

VoIPowering Your Office with Asterisk: SOHO VoIP

Setting up a small voice network with both analog and IP phone service is easy. An interface card, some software and IP phones are all you need.

Build It Yourself: A Linux Network Appliance, Part 4

In this installment, we learn how to configure the two network interfaces and then lock down the firewall box.

Build It Yourself: A Linux Network Appliance, Part 3

A Linux-based iptables firewall is especially robust and configurable. In the latest installment of our how-to series on building a Linux appliance, we'll set up system administration using Webmin

Build It Yourself: A Linux Network Appliance, Part 2

In the second installment in our series on building your own Linux-based network appliance, the construction begins with an Internet firewall/gateway for sharing a broadband Internet connection.

Build It Yourself: A Linux Network Appliance, Part 1

Welcome to our series on how to build your own Linux-based network appliance. Don't worry, we'll walk you through each tech step. Whether your network runs Windows, Mac or something else, your Linux appliance will serve them all.

The Lowdown on Wi-Fi Security: From Supplicants to Keys

While you should never just assume your wireless communication is secure, securing your WLAN doesn't have to be a trial. However, it does help to be aware of — and to understand — the complexities.

SuSE OpenExchange: More Than a Mere Mail Server

Until recently, there haven't been many viable choices for groupware, especially for mid-sized offices reluctant to run expensive servers. OpenExchange from SuSE bucks that trend and merits nomination as bargain of the year in the groupware field.

The Safe Sysadmin: Tools to Save Your Body

After you've locked down your firewall and secured your IT perimeter, it may be time to assess how safe your shop is for the people who work in it.

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